Don’t Forget Your Pants!

There are many times we hate being encumbered by societal norms such as wearing pants in public. But as much as we enjoy running around with a little flippity floppity action, we’ve found a reason we will all love keeping…


Gettin’ FIGgy With It

Tax-free weekend does nothing for us. We have better things to do than stand in hour-long lines at H&M to save $8 in taxes. But there’s one sale we dream about. Mostly because we can shop with booze. This weekend,…

Sister Helen Holy

The 701 Club: Footlongs, Filth & Football

Sin is rampant in our lands today. It is with great humility that I am able to bring you a Christian perspective on the evils of today. Read and be filled. Footlongs: Let us reflect on the amazing powers of…


Common Ground

Well, something happened this week that made me realize that there may still be one thing about which we can all agree. Obviously, we can’t agree on the Iran Agreement (Deal or No Deal!), comprehensive immigration reform, or the possibility…

Pink Traveler

Rocky Mountain High-Style

Luxury knows no season. We heard that from a rich meteorologist once. But while most of the country is bathed in a sticky layer of oppressive heat, Colorado is bathed in blue skies, cool breezes and breathtaking beauty around every…

Moxie Mo Show

Windows 10: What You Need to Know

It’s been a few moments since we’ve mentioned Microsoft, but they’ve rightfully earned a reason for our attention. This Wednesday, July 29, Microsoft will launch Windows 10 as a free upgrade. Don’t worry, this isn’t your Windows 8 debacle. According…

Queer In The Kitchen

Grilled Fruit Salad

When people speak of fruit salad I’m haunted by memories of those awful, slimy cups of peeled grapes and other indistinguishable fruit that the lunch lady, Linda, would thrust at me in elementary school. While Linda was full of good…