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What happens when a group of strangers gets together onstage in a show called Oral Fixation?

Nothing nearly as dirty as our imagination led us to believe, darn it.

But when we saw the November debut of the once-per-month show, subtitled An Obsession with True Life Tales, we were blown away.

It’s the perfect night of live theater: Nothing but a bare stage, a bar stool and regular people’s real stories — all taking up little more than an hour. (Numb Butt doesn’t even set in until the 90-minute mark!)

The brainchild of Nicole Stewart (the sexy little minx with the long red hair pictured above), Oral Fixation is like the good old days of story time at the library, minus the creepy hand puppets.

Nicole carefully selects submissions and assembles the show to take the audience on an emotional journey. Some tales are heartwarming, some are hilarious, and others are absolutely remarkable.

After next week’s show, OF goes on hiatus for January and February, but returns in March. We encourage you to contribute your own story for one of the upcoming spring shows.

You don’t have to act. You don’t need to even need to be a professional writer. Just read your own story off a piece of paper.

We’re going to contribute our own story for March or April, so who knows, we might actually be in the show together. (But don’t dare pull an All About Eve and try to upstage us.)

Yet even if you don’t feel comfortable giving Oral in public, we encourage you to check out next week’s show. The theater’s small, so that’s why we’re giving you plenty of notice to grab tickets.

What else you grab is up to you.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011
The McKinney Avenue Contemporary
3120 McKinney Avenue, Dallas
(Click the “Attend” button to purchase tickets)

E-mail oralfixationshow@gmail.com for details on submitting your story for:
“One Night Stand” on March 13th, 2012
“Have a Field Day” on April 17th, 2012
“Cooking with Gas” on May 15th, 2012



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