Pink Traveler: Paris Is Yearning


Odds are, a good percentage of our readers will be traveling to Paris for the holidays or in the coming year.

Because, like New York, there’s a mystical pull from the City of Light that latches ahold of gays and doesn’t let go until we’re standing beneath the Eiffel Tower with a baguette in one hand and a hairdryer in the other (both are famous French inventions, you know).

And if you’re not planning a trip to one of the world’s best gay destinations, a read-through of The Markets of Paris will most certainly end with a visit to Travelocity for a last-minute flight.

Filled with tips on discovering the non-touristy parts of the city, the book guides you toward building an entire itinerary based on visiting the various markets, including every imaginable type from food and antique to flea and fabric.

Insider information on how to find the markets you’re interested in visiting, the days they’re open (very important as many are only open a day or two a week), and what to buy once you’re there provides an incomparable (and inexpensive) way to immerse yourself into the true French culture.

It’s enough to make you blend right in with the locals.

Just leave your beret behind. That’s not really a thing there any more.

The Markets of Paris
by Dixon Long and Marjorie R. Williams
$11.86 at amazon.com



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