33 Johns

Back in our college days, we got together with two friends and laid down tracks for a holiday album at a shopping mall recording studio next to an Auntie Anne’s.The smell of pretzels wafting into the sound-proof booth, we sang our hearts out with an over-the-top hillbilly twang on four yuletide favorites. Upon returning home, one friend drew a caricature of us all in red-and-green cowboy hats for the cover and we hit Kinko’s to…


You Like To Watch, Don’t You

We love Alamo Drafthouse. We just don’t love going all the way to Richardson. Might as well drive to Austin. But starting Monday, we can stay right in our Dallas bubble as the newest location quietly opens for a little Role Play. Yes, from February 8 to 11, you can catch your favorite flicks and enjoy 50% off food and non-alcoholic beverages to help the Alamo staff get trained. After that, the discounts slowly drop…

Sister Helen Holy

The 701 Club: Barbie, Bette & Bernie

Hearken Ye to the throne of prayer, dear readers, as I offer inspired thoughts on today’s issues. Barbie: The Barbie Doll, that paragon of perfection, poise and primness, has just had a makeover. I’m not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, it’s a blessing that children who idolize Barbie can now know that striving to look like her is an unnecessary goal. However, with “curvy” Barbie, are we encouraging these children…

Let Me Say This About That

The Way We Were

The other day I watched that old Streisand/Redford movie and remembered seeing it when it first came out. So I went tripping down Memory Lane, which is one of my favorite haunts. Back when I still thought Barbra was everything (and maybe I still do somewhere deep down), she asked if it was all so simple then. Well, Babs, it may have been. Take grocery stores, for example. The most complicated thing about going was…


Here Kitty Kitty

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Win “Wonderful Crazy Night” From Elton John

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Pink Traveler

The Sport Of Queens

Here’s one for the old gay bucket list. Last year we had the thrill of attending International Gay Polo Week in the Palm Beaches, Florida. And though we reserve this particular adjective for only the most appropriate occasions, it was indeed quite Fabulous! (with a capital F, exclamation point and everything). The 7th annual event runs March 31 through April 3, 2016 and features a Gay Polo League “Polotini” party, Sunday brunch and the big…

Queer In The Kitchen

Healthy Big Mac Salad

Temptation is everywhere. There are strategically placed McDonald’s whose golden arches taunt us on the way to and from the gym. Nothing validates double-fisting two Big Mac value meals like a half-assed workout.           Despite the fact that Ronald McDonald is John’s longest, most stable male relationship, we must force ourselves to refrain. Lucky for you, Kyle is in a slightly more significant relationship with a very different clown-like ginger. Kyle’s husband, Dean, thought up this…

Moxie Mo Show

Is Apple Finally Refreshing Apple TV? Here’s the Scoop.

This past summer has been slow in technology and gadget news, but fear not, my moxies… fall brings with it cooler temps and big updates and announcements for our most favorite gadgets. According to new leaked reports, Apple’s big event on September 9 will bring a much deserved Apple TV refresh, including Siri voice-assisted control and competition for Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo. This blog post is brought to you by! When you use our…

On The Blog

Don’t Complain; Don’t Explain

How are those New Year’s resolutions going for you? Not so good? I resolved to address my co-dependent relationship with carbs, but that’s hard to do when there’s leftover croquembouche in the kitchen. So, I’m going to focus on something that requires even more willpower. Here goes. Don’t complain; don’t explain. This seemingly simply maxim has been attributed to everyone from Disraeli to Ford (Henry, not Gerald) to Hepburn (Katharine, not Audrey). Even the Dowager Countess of Grantham has used…