This Guy’s A F*cker

It’s been a good year for Matthew Rettenmund, that fucker. Starfucker to be exact. Last month we lip-synced the praises of his Encyclopedia Madonnica. But he has another—much lighter weight—book on the shelves. It’s called Starf*cker: A Meme-oir and it’s one hilarious tale after another about this guy’s life as a pop-culture enthusiast. From his early years stalking celebs to his career as a writer and publisher, this guy’s seen it all. And met many…


When You’re Uber-Hungry…

You already know Uber. (You better.) The ride-share service has been getting us home safely ever since its Dallas launch and curbing our hunger on the occasional late-night drive-thru run. But now during lunchtime, you can get food even easier with UberEATS, which just launched in Dallas last month. We wanted to try it out a few times before we recommended it and now we’re confident that it’s every bit as cool as it sounds.…

Sister Helen Holy

The 701 Club: Hello, Handsome & Holiday

My ministry never sleeps. Awaken, ye Sinners, to this week’s blessings and offerings of praise. Hello: I keep hearing about this young woman singer who goes by the name of Adele. Poor thing must have come from a poor family to not even have a last name, but I digress. I have heard her voice and will admit it is lovely, although she doesn’t sing gospel. But what really concerns me are headlines saying that…


An American In Paris

Ever since the horrific attacks in Paris, I have seen so many Facebook posts showing concern for the French, in general, and Parisians, in particular, and felt rather flummoxed about how I should show my own support. I don’t look good in multi-colored vertical stripes, so that Facebook app thing on your profile picture didn’t seem right. So, I decided to save it all up for an anecdote that I hope bears retelling. Back in…

Pink Traveler

Vote Bush 2015

You’re spontaneous, right? Well, now’s your chance to prove it. Or start before you get a reputation of being dull and boring. Because next weekend is the most spectacular, avant-garde drag festival happening in all of September (if not your lifetime), so gather up those airline points and book a trip to Brooklyn for Bushwig 2015. It’s now the fourth year of Bushwig and it’s bigger and draggier than ever. With more than 150 drag…

Moxie Mo Show

Is Apple Finally Refreshing Apple TV? Here’s the Scoop.

This past summer has been slow in technology and gadget news, but fear not, my moxies… fall brings with it cooler temps and big updates and announcements for our most favorite gadgets. According to new leaked reports, Apple’s big event on September 9 will bring a much deserved Apple TV refresh, including Siri voice-assisted control and competition for Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo. This blog post is brought to you by! When you use our…

Queer In The Kitchen

Power Cookies

In efforts to be healthy-adjacent and still indulge our sweet tooth (toothes? teeth? Ugh. Whatever!), we decided to try a healthier version of a cookie.  Now, I’m a huge fan of cookie recipes that revolve around butter, white all-purpose flour and old-fashioned Crisco. But one day, my crazy-healthy, beautifully-fit coworker, Holly, shoved one of these down my throat… literally.           Judging by the list of odd (at least for me) ingredients, I would…


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